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Update 6/26/2014

Tantus Plunge Paddle

Tantus Plunge Paddle


So how many of you kinky folks have ever been playing with an impact toy and thought “it’d be awesome if I could insert this handle?”. I know I certainly have. There are some toys that are shaped with insertable handles and there are some toys that I know we’ve just thrown a condom on the end and inserted it. But Tantus has done something awesome and revolutionary with this toy. They took a completely silicone paddle and made the handle a wonderful curved dildo. Why is this awesome you may ask. Or maybe you are thinking why is it better than the paddle I already have that I put a condom on and insert? Well to that my answer is SILICONE. The whole entire toy can be boiled to completely sterilize it which I think is an AMAZING feature. Finally an impact toy that can be completely sanitized so you can use it with multiple partners without fear.

So how does the Plunge feel? Well when it comes to impact it is incredibly stingy. SERIOUSLY. Sting is not really my favorite sensation and even small, what you would think of as light strikes hurt A LOT. Jake was getting the feel for it with light strokes on his hand and I kid you not he goes “fuck that hurts, you’re going to hate this” then laughed. If you don’t like sting this really isn’t a toy for you. I personally would love to see Tantus come out with a paddle that is maybe a bit thicker silicone that would give more of a thuddy sensation, but that is just me. I personally wouldn’t recommend this as a beginner impact toy, because it definitely packs quite the bite and you need a pretty high pain tolerance to enjoy its sting. That being said, for those who really crave the sting, I think this is the perfect addition to their collection.


One feature Jake really likes is the hole in the handle that allows him to hang it from his belt loops or utility chain. The only downside of this hole is that it gives it a cranny that makes it a little hard to clean all my vagina juice out of, lol pros and cons. I found sliding a q-tip through the hole cleaned it out just fine.

I thoroughly enjoyed the dildo handle of this toy. It had a nice bulbous head and a wonderful curve that made it perfect for hitting my g-spot, and I imagine the prostate as well, though I haven’t had the chance to put it in Jake’s butt yet. For me, this toy wasn’t a thrusting toy, the combination of the curve and the bulb made thrusting the toy uncomfortable for me, however, other reviewers have found it great for thrusting, so it is a matter of personal preference.

The dildo portion of the Plunge is incredibly firm, again making it great for g-spot or prostate stimulation, the actual paddle portion however is quite flexible. This toy is a breeze to clean. The smooth velvety silicone can be cleaned with soap and water, boiled, or even placed on the top rack of the dishwasher.DSCN0692

Thank you so much Tantus for sending me the Plunge! We love it so far!